OG wave pool Typhoon Lagoon turns on the machine after nearly 2 years

Florida’s favorite wave pool (and only one to date) officially reopened this week after nearly two years of being closed due to the COVID pandemic. Despite Florida’s tug of war with the federal government over public safety guidances, Orlando’s theme park industry sided with caution and kept most Disney parks closed.

During the downtime, Typhoon Lagoon underwent a few undisclosed refurbishments. Visitors will notice a few menu changes and the addition of free mask bins.

Typhoon lagoon was designed by Barr and Wray as part of the SurfKing machinery, an old school pump and dump system.

Typhoon Lagoon pumps water into silos, or caissons and then releases it into the pool. When the silos are half full it creates a 4-foot wave and if you fill the silos all the way, then an 8-foot wave could be created. Most popular is the split peak which, although it satisfies two riders, tends to be mushier than the dedicated left or right wave settings.

Before the park opens or after it closes surfers can rent the pool with friends and pricing follows the number of waves generated during your rental block. 100 waves is $1,150, 125 waves for $1,550 and 150 waves goes for $1,850.

You can find more information here.