Live Discussion: What is Risk Assessment in the wave pool indust

This Friday Session discussion features Paul Chivers and Ash Presser. These two veterans in the space address how best to assess risk at your venue. Both Ash and Paul have real-world experience assessing risk for surf park projects and will be sharing their knowledge on the subject. How does risk assessment play into the opening and running of a wave pool? 

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8am Friday March 1, Paris
6pm Friday March 1, Sydney
7am Friday March 1, London
11pm Thursday Feb 29, Los Angeles

Ash Presser, a certified risk and safety specialist affiliated with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety and the University of New South Wales, has made significant contributions to health and safety research in high-risk leisure industries, including surf parks. Notably, he played a key role in developing safety systems at URBNSURF, earning recognition and awards from government and regulatory bodies. Currently, Ash contributes his expertise to Aquatic Risk Services Australia/International, providing risk, safety, and training solutions to surf parks and various industries.

Paul Chivers, the Founding Director of Riskfacilitator, is a seasoned professional with more than three decades of experience in risk and safety management across various international sectors, including TV and film, aviation, education, sport and recreation, healthcare, and defense. Through Riskfacilitator, he works closely with clients ranging from government agencies to large corporations and surf parks.

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