World sighs, slouches in chair with sudden Palm Springs Surf Club wave pool closure announcement

In a surprise announcement, Palm Springs Surf Club has shut its wave pool for unknown reasons. The desert wave pool was shut down on January 12 this year for unexpected work and only reopened a week ago this April.

For the wave pool industry the announcement elicited a collective moan of despair. All surf park operators have experienced problems. Some are public, like the fatal shut down of equipment at Adventure Parc Snowdonia, but most incidents are just temporary as engineers hit the Problem Solve button.

But this knowledge doesn’t make it any easier for the paying public.

“You aren’t going to believe this, we got out to Palm Springs this morning only to find out the pool is broken again,” a source told WavePoolMag. “I wish I was joking, but I am not. Unfortunately, we drove two hours inland from the beach to get there.”

To be clear, only the wave pool is closed. General Admission is open at the club with access to the resort amenities and water park attractions, including the resort pool, lazy river, water slides, and more. The restaurant is open and the club will still host several scheduled musical acts as planned.

The Palm Springs Surf Club released the following statement:

First, we want to apologize to the people who wanted to come out and surf. We know many of you have scheduled trips to come surf and we have disappointed you. Again, we are sorry. If you have a surf session booked with us, you will receive a cancellation email along with a full refund. The goal of this business is to serve up great waves, delicious food and drinks, fun music, and good times. Please know we are trying our hardest to bring the magic of surfing to the desert of Palm Springs. 

Manufacturing Waves is Difficult
When you talk with the executives at the other wave pool clubs in the USA and hear their stories, we appreciate and respect the hard work and incredible journey those teams traveled to get their waves operational. Modern wave pool technology is an emerging field that is young and complex.

Our Status
Our surf wave is down but the rest of the park remains open. We expect to be back serving up waves again in the very near future. We will keep you updated on our progress in the coming weeks.

Our restaurant, Amala, is fully operational, along with our water slides, resort pool, and lazy river. Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce exciting performances for the upcoming Stagecoach weekend. For more details, please visit our website 

The Good
We have many committed employees who are pouring themselves into making Palm Springs Surf Club awesome. 

We have amazing customers and we feel your energy. It’s what motivates us. 
Thank you for your patience, support and enthusiasm. 

Vinny Smith 
Ownership and Leadership Team