Second Melbourne surf park gets approval

In 2019 WavePoolMag reported that the Pellicano Developers, had reached “agreements in principle” with local government agencies in Melbourne. Now some years later, the hyper aquatic adventure park has finally been granted “approval to proceed.”

Yes, things move slowly in the surf park space, especially where permitting is concerned. Throw in a global pandemic and progress can be absolutely glacial.

As of today in 2024, here’s what we know about the development receiving approval.

The Surf n Play Aqua Park, formerly known as Zagame’s Wild Water Park, is a four-hectare development located in Dingley Village. Originally submitted in March 2019 by the Zagame family, the project has been resubmitted by Pellicano following Zagame’s departure.

Time Out reports that plans for the $100 million water park project, which includes the Endless Surf wave pool, have been lodged with the City of Kingston in Melbourne’s south-east. According to Time Out, privately-owned developer Pellicano has collaborated with Melbourne Water and VicRoads over the past 18 months to address concerns and reach agreements in principle.

Modifications to the project since its initial proposal include a 30% reduction in building mass, a 25% increase in landscaping, and a doubling of solar panels to cover nearly 5,500 square meters of roof space. Pellicano managing director Nando Pellicano stated that the design team and construction division have worked to be more efficient in response to Council concerns, resulting in a more scientifically approached build while maintaining an architecturally impressive structure.

Endless Surf recently debuted their technology in Munich at the first full-scale facility at o2 SURFTOWN MUC. The wave is a pneumatic design that sends out waves across a heart-shaped pool template. Waves can be run in split peak, point break and several other settings.

If this project should cross the finish line it will mean that Melbourne would be home to two surf parks.